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How companies can share document without having an increased risk of cyberattacks or leaks?

Nowadays, protection against cyber threats is an integral part of the development of the company’s business processes. After all, you can devote as much time as you want to business development strategy, and implement new methods to increase profits, but in one moment, lose everything due to the blocking of working resources by attackers. That is why it is very important to know how to share documents without any risks.

Share Documents without Having an Increased Risk of Cyberattacks or Leaks with the VDR

Internal risk analytics provides aggregated insights into anonymous security and compliance-related user activity, allowing you to assess potential internal risks in your organization without configuring internal risk policies. This assessment will help your organization identify potential areas of higher risk and determine the type and scope of internal risk management policies that can be configured.

It is quite difficult and useless to coordinate all these processes manually or with paper. Tools such as data room software at are the most profitable at the moment due to streamlining the entire IPO process and guaranteed success when moving from a private company to a public one. The Virtual Data Room allows you to individually manage access rights for different users and groups. As a rule, in modern VDR, there is synchronization with AD/LDAP.

Virtual data rooms allow you to manage the lifetime of documents. This feature is useful when a shared document contains information that will become outdated after a certain period of time or when a project team gains access to the document and should revoke that access after the project is completed.

How to Avoid Cyber Attacks or Leaks with the Data Room Providers?

Losing the base of contacts accumulated with great difficulty and allowing competitors to use it is critical for the development of business. Attackers can send SMS, emails, and voice spam to your customers with similar offers, such as discounts. An even more dramatic option is possible – competitors gain access to internal CRM systems and intercept orders already received by your company. For a business, data leakage means a drop in indicators such as customer lifetime value, the average time between orders, and the number of loyal customers.

The most effective way to share documents without having an increased risk of cyberattacks or leaks will be the use of the data room software. The virtual data room providers help companies organize a convenient corporate place to store documents, including confidential ones. With the VDR, you can create a convenient folder structure, manage user access rights in the system, limit their actions with files if necessary, and view the activity log. The VDR solution not only proved to be highly secure, but it also helped many companies to reduce overall IT back-end costs and increase scalability.

Thus, there are many other options that you can take advantage of while using the VDR:

  • The system administrator can track all actions performed by a particular user, which increases the already high level of reliability and fault tolerance of the system.
  • It is also worth noting that most of the documents stored in such systems are in pdf format, which is very convenient and affordable.
  • However, pdf format allows not only to quickly extract, read and copy data but also to restrict access to them.