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Difference Between Norton and Avast

Many users compare popular antivirus solutions to pick the most suitable option for their devices. Very often the choice comes down to only two options: Norton and Avast. While both developers are very reputable, widespread, and popular, a user can install only one program. Let’s compare these solutions and discover the main difference between Norton and Avast.


Both Norton and Avast programs are simple and straightforward. They are suitable for users will different levels of experience. Even beginners will quickly find their way around the software’s’ features and intuitively navigate it.

Norton’s interface is sleep, modern, and very simple. The main screen states the current status and the actions that need to be taken (if any). There are a quick scan button and several modules to reach other features. Settings and Help are at the top of the screen.

Avast also has a great interface. It’s intuitive and straightforward. The left side contains the main modules that lead to all the features and tools. Avast also uses a color-corrected scheme. It’s green when a user is protected and yellow/red when the actions need to be taken. The latter might be the verification of some updates, the decision about the detected suspicious file, etc.

Malware Protection

Based on the results from the independent testing labs, Norton scored higher. However, both programs are good at detecting and stopping different types of malware.

Many independent testing labs examine these programs. The most well-known, however, are AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, and SE Labs. During the tests, the data showed that Norton brings better detection rates in the latest malware tests. However, the numbers change from month to month and both antivirus solutions score high.

System Performance

When it comes to the impact on system performance, both solutions have a very light impact. The tests proved Norton and Avast are excellent and do not slow down the device’s performance.

According to AV-Comparatives, both products scores the highest ADVANCED+ award in evaluation. AV-Test also gave both programs 6 out of 6.


Compare to all other antivirus solutions, both Norton and Avast bring a lot to the table. The bundles of features that come are impressive and useful. However, Norton offers a bit more as a part of the security suite.

The most luxurious bundle in Norton is Norton 360 Deluxe. It comes with a password manager, a Secure VPN, 50 GB cloud data storage, a firewall, the SafeCam, dark web monitoring, parental control, etc. It covers up to 5 devices. A user may also add LifeLock at an additional cost.

Avast Antivirus stands out by offering plenty of extra features with its free edition. This version has a safe browser, a password manager, etc. More advanced versions also offer anti-spam, a smart firewall, the Wi-Fi inspector, a VPN, the Sandbox, the Real Site, and other tools. This antivirus solution also brings a set of optimization tools like the Disk Cleanup, the Data Shredder, the Software Updater, etc.


If you are looking to cover all your household devices, Norton is your best choice. It offers better deals and smaller price tags. Norton’s annual license costs from $40 to $100 for one device. Everything depends on the set of features you want.

Avast has a great free version and it’s hard to beat that. Yet, comparing to premium plans, the cost varies from $60 to $120 per year for one device.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Norton is a bit better solution than Avast based on the data we’ve got. Yet, both antivirus solutions are very reliable and stop most of the threats. They offer different sets of extra features where everyone can pick something suitable. Norton and Avast have great customer support systems.