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Best Free Antivirus Reddit

Hundreds of millions of computer users around the world are in need of good antivirus program that can protect their systems from any kind of malware attack and keep it working efficiently over a long period of time, without being prone to different online threats that can harm their identity on the internet world. There are many paid antivirus solution that provides excellent features like firewall, the security of mobile devices and child protection lock, among many others.

However, there are users who cannot simply afford the heavy price tag that it brings along. If this someone you that you are now at the right place to evaluate excellent free antivirus solution that can help you safeguard your online identity and maintain privacy at the same time. In this article, we will discuss the best free antivirus solution according to Reddit users and see how it ranks among the experts on Reddit.

  1. Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Ranking first on the list, Kaspersky does not necessarily promote to its users that it offers free antivirus solution and is also not that easy to find the download page of the software. However, it is one of the best free antivirus solutions that are available in the market to download. With great interface, excellent system performance, and unbeatable malware protection, users get the excellent protection for free.

Being said that, there are no extra feature offerings from Kaspersky apart from the one discussed above. However, whatever it does offer, is of excellent quality that is more than enough to protect your system from the outside internet world.

  1. Avast – Free Antivirus

Avast antivirus solution is second on the list of free antivirus solution, simply because of the endless feature that it offers with its free version. A network scanner, password manager and hardened browser, it has everything that you can ask for free and even more. In addition to this, it also offers access to its VPN service for free. It is easy to use with the simple and efficient user interface.

Even a non-technical person can get around the software pretty quickly and start safeguarding their data and identity on the internet, within a span of a few minutes. It is that simple to make use of.

  1. AVG Free Antivirus

Another excellent free version of the antivirus solution that ranks third on the list is from AVG. An easy to use, user interface and efficient malware detection program, it is a good option for people who are looking to safeguard their online privacy and system from the outside world. It also offers some extra feature but isn’t quite extensive when compared to the list of features offered for free by Avast.

Being said that, it still offers the file shredder with its free version. In all, the free solution offered by AVG is still a good option as compared to some of the other antivirus solutions like Avira and Panda Antivirus. It also offers a wide range of customization options to its users making it extremely user-friendly to use.