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Antivirus Software Like Online Business

A modern office can have more than a dozen or even a hundred computers, not to mention the presence of several servers that play a very different role: mail, file, teamwork, and so on. Therefore, the market of corporate antivirus corporate systems is developing according to its laws, and the struggle for the customer is very serious because antivirus software is usually chosen once and then used for many years. 

Kaspersky Business Space Security

Kaspersky Business Space Security is a software package that provides all the necessary tools to protect the enterprise’s IT structure from a variety of threats: viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, from hackers and phishing attacks from the Web.

Kaspersky Business Space Security protects file and mail servers, personal computers, etc. Advantages of Kaspersky Business Space Security include:

  • resource management through a single console;
  • full control of access to any sites on the Web;
  • powerful antivirus and antispyware;
  • load planning on passage channels;
  • a quick check of all incoming and outgoing traffic;
  • support for wired and wireless networks;
  • now – support for 64-bit platforms.

This antivirus is designed to protect the organization’s IT structure from harmful effects and optimize the operation of the internal network. The program was created taking into account the fact that the enterprise system is often overloaded and therefore does not create unnecessary loads.

ESET NOD32 Smart Security Business Edition

The ESET Smart Security Business Edition version differs from the Home Edition in the presence of centralized management, includes the ESET Remote Administrator module and has file server protection functions. Thanks to the integrated centralized management module, ESET Smart Security Business Edition is the optimal product for protecting the corporate network.

This product includes proactive protection against unknown threats, the use of artificial intelligence technologies, the updated ThreatSense heuristic core, regular automatic updating of the databases of the characteristics of all known viruses.

The version of the program for corporate clients can be installed both on the server and on workstations. If you need to protect the number of PCs less than five, then you should purchase the ESET Smart Security Home Edition version. It is no different from Business Edition, but does not give the right to install antivirus software on a file server and does not support the function of remote control of network computers (in Business Edition it is ESET Remote Administrator).

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is a powerful software product used to protect desktop and compact computers and servers from various threats. The product consumes a minimum of system resources, ensuring the productivity of technology.

The software solution fully meets the needs of small enterprises. The developer offers effective security features that are distinguished by speed, ease of installation and ease of management.

There are several areas of product action:

  • Centralized management. Such control is implemented by installing a remote web service or a local server.
  • Antivirus productively utilizes the available system resources without slowing down the functioning of the equipment.
  • Attack detection. An effective search for malicious codes is carried out, followed by blocking. For this, unique technologies are used.
  • Browser Protection The application protects against visiting dysfunctional sites, starting to act even with search results.
  • The solution blocks the unauthorized effects of malicious applications.

Prompt and productive scanning does not affect the performance of the equipment. A subscription-based payment system reduces operating costs and involves support 24 hours a day